We have decades of experience engineering software solutions for industries such as oil and gas, pharma, food and general manufacturing. With a broad team of experts on hand, we design, program and commission automation solutions ranging from smaller OEM units to large manufacturing plants. Being on the forefront of technology, has always been a core value of the our engineering process.


Strategic Partnerships

To maintain a continuous expansion of knowledge and possibilities in the automation industry, tic elkas is part of multiple partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most experienced automation hardware manufacturers here among Siemens, COPA-Data and Schneider Electric. 

Our Siemens Solution provider partnership enables us to provide you with the latest knowledge and innovation within PLC, SCADA and general industry hardware with support and ability to deliver replacement hardware worldwide while still delivering rocksteady performance and stability. 

As a COPA-data registered partner we are able to provide and develop SCADA systems on one of the leeding edge platforms within the industry to fit your specifications whether you need local data acquisition or a cloud service for big data analysis.

Our cooperation with Schneider Electric benefits both personal and professional achievements through an extensive product selection, enabling us to continuously expand our knowledge and keep a high level of professionalism and quality.



tic elkas has designed, consulted on and programmed software for a wide range of different industries ranging from smaller machine builders to large pharmaceutical companies.

Whether it being a small OEM application to be produced in the thousands or a highly generic turnkey solution our main focus is always the end product and client collaboration when engineering and programming software. Regardless of the type of project or product tic elkas adheres to strict inhouse rules concerning software traceability, documentation and testing, resulting in transparency in program change requests and later serviceability.



Having delivered hundreds of projects and solutions ranging from small specialized and custom machinery to large scale production lines we know that service and maintenance is inevitable. tic elkas has for more than 2 decades provided service for factories  and machine builders. We are experts in maintenance, software debugging and process optimization.  When software solutions is unmaintained and not supported anymore. tic elkas have furthermore conducted a wide range of commissioning assignments and service jobs around the globe. 

When a machine or production is failing we provide expert assistance in identifying and resolving the issue weather it’s electrical or software related.

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