Thyristor power controller 1, 2 or 3 phase with plugin touchscreen by Advanced Energy 
Range up to 690V 2900A

Product description

Thyro-PX has extended and advanced features for demanding applications.
For transformer loads, resistive loads, and heating elements with large Rwarm/Rcold

  • Comprehensive operating and control modes
  • Easy integration into process and automation systems
  • Excellent control accuracy
  • Flexibility and expandability into specific applications
  • Mains load optimization
  • High efficiency, wear-free operation
  • Integrated soft starting for operation with downstream transformer
  • Seven LED status indicators
  • Three self-programmable monitoring relays
  • Error memory with occurrence time recording
  • Integrated load circuit monitoring
  • Integrated protection against contact
  • Multizone feature:
    • Uses Thyro-PX 2PX and Thyro-PX 3PX as two or three single-phase units
  • Digital I/O modules
  • Integrated semiconductor fuses
  • Secure separation between power and control section
  • Elapsed hour meter
  • Energy meter, resettable, in kWh

Download the product datasheet here