GTec TP130

Product picture

GTec TP130: Compact rack – Tower convertible line interactive UPS

Single phase, line interactive UPS for IT and telecommunication small loads.

Convertible for use as tower or 19‘’ rack, for IT and telecommunication small loads. The output wave form is a perfect sine wave and it can have long autonomy adding modular battery boxes.

Product description

Microprocessor controlled, with Automatic Voltage Regulator and a very sophisticated LCD display, it can be indifferently used as tower or as module in 19’’ rack cabinets.

TP130 is available in the range of 1100 VA, 1500 VA, 2000 VA and 3000 VA.

  • Smart Microprocessor Control
  • AVR Boost and Buck
  • 19” Rack mount available
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • User Selectable line sensitive
  • User Selectable output voltage
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Green Power function to save the battery capacity with no load
  • Intelligent slot allows remote monitoring, start-up or restart for connected equipment
  • Easy Swappable Battery
  • Smart USB/RS232/(optional) Dry-contact communication port
  • Additional Battery Pack available

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