GTec must 30/120

Product picture

GTec must 30/120: Modular UPS, 15 Kva three-phase modules

MUST is a modular UPS composed of 15 kVA three-phase pull-out modules. It is designed critical loads for medium and large data centers.

Product description

Modular Must 30/120 solution has many advantages. It can be adapted to the actual power required by IT system, it allows system redundancy with minimum cost adding only one module and, in case of failure, the immediate replacement of the damaged UPS. As a consequence it brings higher energy savings, higher reliability in comparison with the common UPS and lower repairing cost.

MUST 30/120 is available in the three-phase range from 15 kVA to 120 kVA and in 30 kVA, 60 kVA, 120 kVA cabinets.

  • UPS, standard 19‘’ modules housed in a cabinet
  • Work in parallel sharing the load and, in case of failure of one of them, the same will be automatically excluded without performance interruption for the others
  • Digital control has Digital Signal Processor
  • Efficiency is more than 94%
  • Each module is an independent UPS to grant maximum reliability

Download the brochure here.