GTec Libra Pro

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GTec Libra Pro: Reliability of IGBT technology for high performance computing centers – single-phase or three-phase


Product description

Libra Pro is the solution for big projects with critical issues. It is available in the single-phase range from 10 kVA to 100 kVA and in the three-phase range from 10 kVA to 800 kVA and in parallel with 8 units up to 6400 kVA. Designed to meet customer needs with a very high efficiency/heavy loads, the Libra series combines innovation and simplicity with low ownership and maintenance costs. It is designed for large Data Center, IT solutions, and industrial applications for critical loads. The Libra Pro series is a three-phase input and three-phase output double conversion system with full Microprocessor control. The inverter built-in IGBT technology and filter allows a perfect sinewave output, which is filtered, stabilized and regulated. The rectifier has a very low distortion (THD<3%) in the CLEAN version where an input filter is installed. The Libra Pro series has maximum reliability and power availability, the parallel system can reach up to 8 units in capacity or N+1 redundancy; eventually the UPS Group Synchroniser (UGS) and the Parallel System Joiner (PSJ) allow increases to the system reliability.

  • 8 units in capacity or N+1 redundancy
  • Inverter with integrated isolation transformer and the rectifier with IGBT technology
  • Isolation output transformer
  • The digital control has Digital Signal Processor
  • Rectifier with very low distortion (THD<3%) in the CLEAN version where an input filter is installed
  • Rectifier is available also with SCR (6 or 12 pulses) and with optional selective filters to reduce harmonic distortions
  • IGBT input for power factor 0,99
  • Monitoring software, SNMP/WEB card to connect by LAN/internet, dry-contact card and RS232 interface
  • No impact on the net
  • Intelligent Battery Management

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