Panel Manufacturing

tic elkas has more than 30 years of experience within panel construction and manufacturing. We offer a wide range of panel- and switchboard manufacturing, such as control-panels, motor control-panels, terminal boxes and distribution switchboards.

Danish machine manufacturers often choose to outsource their production of process control and control panels to make sure to comply with the latest standards and norms. Here at tic elkas, we strive to keep up with the newest norms and standards at all times, why customers place their panel production and engineering at tic elkas.

We use our know-how and professionalism to deliver and obtain a high standard of panels and switchboards.



We are placed at three different locations  that all engineer, produce and test -panels 

Skovlunde DK

At the facility in Skovlunde we are engineeering, manufactoring and testing panels.

Randers DK

At the facility in Randers we are engineering, manufactoring and testing  panels.

Lithuania LT

Our low-cost production site in Lithuania we  engineer, source, produce, test and ship to Denmark and all international destinations.    



Within the engineering department, we offer a wide range of solutions:

  • Customized drawings and circuit diagrams in E-plan and Pro Panel
  • Electrical drawings and virtual designs for new and existing panels
  • Changes and updates for customer delivered drawings
  • Eplan, PCSchematic, SEE Electrical (Caddy++), ELCAD and OrCAD
  • Pro Panel (3D view/process wiring/steinhauer)
  • We provide our engineering services with and without panel delivery.


tic elkas handles all sizes of projects, from small junction boxes and RIO panels, to complete systems with MCC- and control panels and distribution switchboards. Additionally we make pneumatic panels, special panels and total panel solutions.

We can comply with the following standards such as:
ISO / ATEX / UL / CSA  / IECEX / EN / DIN / CE-direktiv.

Through virtual designs of the components made in Eplan Pro Panel, the panels and mounting plates are mechanically handled in our CNC/MODCENTER Machine, for cut-outs. All panels are tested in our in-house test facility, before they are approved and released to the customer.



We offer maintenance and service, for tic elkas delivered panels and panels from other manufacturers.

Special References

We cooperate with a number of different companies.
These are our references in our work with panels.



Machine directive EN 60 439-1, EN 60 204-1. 
More than 25 years of experience as a certified UL and CSA panel manufacturer. 
More than 15 years of experience in manufacturing Hazardous Areas Classification panels. 
Furthermore tic elkas is ISO 9001 certified, which is a quality management system, and it ensures a high consistency in quality.

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