Who We Are


We are an attractive and professional partner, who delivers competitive solutions with the highest quality and with punctuality.


We create solutions from large scale complex control systems with PLC, HMI and Intelligent motorstartes to small Junction boxes.


We base our assessments on the interests of our customers. By implementing strategies, we are able to deliver the right solution for the specific project in order to satisfy our customers in the best possible way.


Why choose tic elkas?

We strive to be your best choice as a partner, as we can perform the total solution, from idea to product delivery and installation for industrial panels and power supplies.


We have an unique approach to identify the demands of our customer as well as an innovative system for recording and trailing project life cycles that ensures safety, transparency and flexibility even in the early stages of the engineering process. Adding exceptional value in the early stages of the supply chain is key to a superior product – this is what we do.


Our engineering team from Automation, performs development and design, according to your specifications and needs, including prototype testing and trials in regards to the necessary requirements and standards. We engineer, build and commission state of the art solutions for OEM and Turnkey customers. We excel in complex solutions for pharma and offshore markets, keeping up with relevant standards and emerging products and technologies.


Our production team, with a workforce of more than 80 employees in Denmark and 20 in Lithuania, ensure a high quality, always on time, production of your panels and Power Supplies, where after our inspection team finishes the product, its ready for delivery and on-site installation.


Where to find us?

We are  near you in four locations, 3 in Denmark and 1 in Lithuania.
You can find all of our contact information right here.


Our References

We collaborate with a variety of customers and companies. Here are some of our recent references. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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