Introducing EPLAN Pro Panel

Introducing EPLAN Pro Panel


A few years ago, we used E-plan 5 for documenting our electrical panels. At that time, E-plan was a DOS based drawing program.

The following update integrated macros, this was called P8, a new and improved windows based program.

Today, we are introducing EPLAN Pro Panel, an engineering software for designing and constructing electrical control panels, switchboards and flexible power distribution systems in 3D.

The virtual panel designs include detailed wire descriptions that enable us to subcontract the production of wire harnesses. We receive the wire kits back with correct color coding, ferrules and tags in both ends of the wire. The virtual drawing, shows the wire installation from component to component. This brilliant program recognizes the “depth”, because of the 3D effect.

All this saves a large amount of time and resources.

The layouts made in EPLAN Pro Panel, are sent directly to our CNC machine (Steinhauer Modcenter), that makes all the cut-outs/holes in the panel, and on the mounting plate.

EPLAN Por Panel version number: 2.7
Additional modules: Process Wiring & Production NC/DXF

Project Manager: Tommy Berg


Tommy Berg