Industrial automation in Pharmaceuticals

Industrial automation in Pharmaceuticals


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When it comes to industrial automation, there are only a few other places than the pharmaceutical industry, that has a bigger focus on production safety. This affects the total chain of suppliers such as machinery manufacturers, system integrators and developers. One of these are elkas Automation A/S.

Life science and Pharma are some of the industries, where automation solutions doesn’t utilize the newest products and technologies because of the great focus on production robustness and qualified support” says Lead Electrical Engineer, Morten Jørgensen.

Undesirable stops has major consequences, and the end products at the Pharmaceutical companies are expensive. It has a big impact if a product have been through an almost complete production process only to be discarded. This is why you will typically wait implementing technology, until it has properly matured.

According to Morten Jørgensen, newer technologies are being applied  “end of line” where Product packing occur. Here, new and stricter requirements on serialization and traceability, will be enforced from the beginning of 2019.

These demands will require implementation of new technologies within machine-vision, scanning, printing, and industrial IT solutions in general.

In addition there is the GAMP (Good Automation Manufacturing Practices). These practices  must be complied with when developing automated manufacturing plants for pharmaceutical production. GAMP is the international guidelines for quality and safety in the production of pharmaceutical products.

The way the pharmaceutical companies enforce the procedures in the GAMP life cycle is continually updated.

It is required to have the necessary knowledge about these demands, to deliver complete solutions for the pharma industry.


Lead Electrical Engineer SW: Morten Jørgensen


Morten Jorgensen