Fishing for Success

Fishing for Success

The commercial fishing industry is one of the biggest contributors to the Icelandic economy and has subsequently experienced large influx of more and more advanced technology measures within the last decade. Skaginn is one of the leading innovators in modernizing fishing vessels in the competitive landscape that is the fishing industry in Iceland.

When food businesses are dealing with the freshest produce in their daily operations, it is of crucial importance to address the challenges within quality control in an immediate manner. In Skaginn’s case that would be the cooling of the freshly caught fish to maintain a high level of quality, so once the product is moving up the value chain is still in the best condition possible. Skaginn has developed cooling methods, which both are more economically viable and efficient. For instance, the company has abandoned traditional cooling methods, such as cooling freshly caught fish with ice, instead, the product is cooled in saltwater kept below freezing temperatures.

In order to maintain these new solutions in Skaginn’s fishing vessels, elkas was hired to develop the programming of their tub cranes, which transport the caught fish for further processing such as skinning and slicing. The tub cranes were programmed with the help of Schneider Electric’s LMC 078 and four Lexium 32 drives, all put together in Schneider Electric’s SoMachine platform. Take a look at the video below or contact our engineer Peter Rossen for further information about our expertise within motion programming.


PLC: Schneider LMC 078

Drives: 4x Lexium 32

Engineer: Peter Rossen


Peter Rossen