Milk powder for the asian markets – processed by elkas

Milk powder for the asian markets – processed by elkas

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In Oviedo, northwestern Spain close to the Atlantic coast, you can find one of the most competitive dairy production plants in Europe. Continuous economic growth in the Capsa Food’s Asturiana brand, revealed a need for a new milk powder processing plant with greater capacity. Capsa has large exports to the East Asian markets, where high quality EU produced milk powder has experienced significant growth in demand.

In line with the recent growth trends it can be noted that lecithin has become a core constituent within the production of high quality milk powder. Lecithin is usually sprayed upon the processed milk powder in the final stages of the production process and gives the product dissolving abilities once it gets liquid contact. German food processing giant GEA has been selected to build the respective lecithin units for Capsa Food’s newly developed plant.

Our expertise within the food processing industry made elkas a natural partner to develop electrical process solutions for Capsa Food and GEA. elkas was selected to automate and optimize production and process in lecithin application in the new plant. The process is controlled by a Siemens PLC ET200SP-CPU and has a TP1500 Comfort HMI on top of this configuration. As well, elkas chose to interface Danfoss FC302 drives through profinet and provide a customer interface through profinet I-Device technology.

If you want to know more about our competencies within the food industry please contact project engineer Morten Jørgensen.


PLC: Siemens PLC ET200SP-CPU
HMI: TP1500 Comfort
Drives: Danfoss FC302 interfaced with profinet

Engineer: Morten Jørgensen


Morten Jorgensen