The PLC that ferments your yoghurt

The PLC that ferments your yoghurt

The PLC that ferments your yoghurt

In the countryside of western Jutland, FH Scandinox is in the midst of building a new prototype fermentation plant. The food processing engineering company consulted elkas in order to build a top notch OEM product, scalable to the respective end users. Food processing and especially fermenting processes can be a delicate matter in the engineering phase, where a lot of parameters come into play and need to be reviewed and addressed.

Siemens PLCs are the main powerhouse in this case, which were programmed by elkas in TIA portal. The characteristics of this prototype plant can be sought in the the great amount of different options this one-size-fits-all product has to offer. The customer FH Scandinox can choose from different modular setups, like extra cooling cycles. It should be noted here that the temperature is regulated with electrical heating and ice water in order to obtain fast and efficient results.

As well, elkas is on charge of electrical diagrams, control panel production, and software management.

Contact project engineer Sune Knutzen for further information on our expertise within the food industry.


PLC: Siemens 1200
HMI: TP 700

Engineer: Sune Knutzen


Sune Knutzen