elkas supports Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

elkas supports Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)


MSF med copyright

We are honored and very proud to announce, that we hereby present us as an official sponsor of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.


With an annual agreement, we are supporting the amazing team at MSF to relieve suffering and to save lives when an emergency happens. We are glad to be on-board, and we thank MFS for their huge effort.

Ørsted Reactor

Engineering the future of waste recycling


Worldwide researchers suppose, that the amount of waste will be increasing over the coming years. And since there is an increasing concern, as to do with this problem, Ørsted has created the world’s first bio plant handling unsorted waste, such as general household waste - this is what Ørsted calls REnescience.

And here’s a little about how the technology works:

Unsorted waste is put into the installation plant. And using enzymes, recycled water and anaerobic digestion, REnescience divides subsequently the waste into 3 groups.

1. Recycling metal and plastic

2. Non degradable plastic. This can perhaps be used as fuel insalareation plant.

3. And fluid, made from the organic part of the waste. This particular fluid is turned into biogas.

Ørsted has ordered two smaller reactors to serve as optimization units for the larger REnescience plant in Northwich UK. The reactors are mechanically and electrically engineered in a collaboration between DMRI Research Institute at Teknologisk Institut and elkas Automation.

Michael Johansen, Electrical Engineer SW was the software engineer on this project. Including PLC programming and the SCADA system.

New CEO at JE-elkas

Presenting the new CEO for JE-elkas A/S.
We have the pleasure of presenting Frank Müntzberg (57) as the new Managing Director and CEO for JE-elkas A/S as of the 2nd of January, 2017.Frank MuntzbergThis completes the planned and announced development of the top management team which in addition to Frank Müntzberg has Frank Toft-Jensen, COO, who joined the company in November, 2014 and became COO on September 1st. 2016.
Frank Müntzberg leaves a position as Managing Director and part owner of Hass-Meincke A/S; a position he has held since 2002. Frank carries with him a solid experience in managing a project orientated order producing company. From his many years with Hass-Meincke Frank has gained significant knowledge and experience internationally within the industry and the market.

Frank Müntzbergs task is to create growth and profitability by making JE-elkas A/S more visible in the market and by releasing the big potential we have to be both Danish and international customers preferred professional partner on designing and building panels, UPS, GPU's, automation, installation and service.
"We are very pleased to have succeeded in attracting Frank Müntzberg to join us as our new CEO" Peter L. Clausen, Chairman of the Board says and continues: "It is always a big challenge to create the right team to manage and run a company in a very competitive industry where the owners are still active and part of the daily business. With Frank Müntzberg we have a CEO with the personal and professional skills and the experience necessary to create a good balance and at the same time bring us forward. We look very much forward to working together with Frank to pursue the targets set for the Company in the future".

Please note on the 19th of January there is a reception at JE-elkas A/S, Meterbuen 15, from 2 pm to 4 pm. All our partners in business, suppliers and customers are invited to meet up with our new management and owners. Light refreshments are provided.
For further information please feel free to contact either Jørgen Clausen, 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。, phone No. +45 44502330 or Flemming Egebjerg, 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。, phone No. +45 4010034.

Presenting the new Production Manager

IMG 6047

Presenting Erik Søgaard 

We are proud to announce Erik Søgaard as the new Production Manager at elkas, for the two departments in Skovlunde and Baltic, Lithuania.

As of January 1st 2018 Erik Søgaard has joined the company from a former position as Technical Production Manager at A/S Løgstrup-Steel.

Throughout his time at A/S Løgstrup Steel, Erik has gained markedly experience with

standardization, automation and international production.

We trust he will contribute with the introduction of automation in our panel production,  likewise with outsourcing of hour intensive assignments abroad, as this is  an increasing demand from customers.


Erik has solid experience within automation and “site commissioning” from his 20 years in the cement industry at FLSmidth & Co with focus on optimizing project execution to meet tender and customer expectation.  

It is in Erik Søgaards intention to contribute with his knowledge of automation, to ensure efficiency and professionalism in every part of the panel production - “ Professionalism and quality is something I do not compromise.” Erik states.


“We are thrilled to have succeeded in attracting an Electrical Engineer with production experience within the panel business to our company. We look forward for Erik to continue streamlining and developing elkas, especially within new digital tools.”  Says CEO and partner at elkas, Frank Müntzberg.


Erik Søgaard aims to keep elkas in the forefront as solution provider for the industrial automation industry. “Elkas employees are experts in their field and we aim to keep attracting the best candidates for the company” Erik says.


“We must strive to have the best subcontractors and to be competitive”

Erik believes that partnership with both customers and subcontractors is important to find the optimal solutions, naturally to the benefit of our customers.

Fishing for Success

The commercial fishing industry is one of the biggest contributors to the Icelandic economy and has subsequently experienced large influx of more and more advanced technology measures within the last decade. Skaginn is one of the leading innovators in modernizing fishing vessels in the competitive landscape that is the fishing industry in Iceland.

When food businesses are dealing with the freshest produce in their daily operations, it is of crucial importance to address the challenges within quality control in an immediate manner. In Skaginn's case that would be the cooling of the freshly caught fish to maintain a high level of quality, so once the product is moving up the value chain is still in the best condition possible. Skaginn has developed cooling methods, which both are more economically viable and efficient. For instance, the company has abandoned traditional cooling methods, such as cooling freshly caught fish with ice, instead, the product is cooled in saltwater kept below freezing temperatures.

In order to maintain these new solutions in Skaginn's fishing vessels, elkas was hired to develop the programming of their tub cranes, which transport the caught fish for further processing such as skinning and slicing. The tub cranes were programmed with the help of Schneider Electric's LMC 078 and four Lexium 32 drives, all put together in Schneider Electric's SoMachine platform. Take a look at the video below or contact our engineer Peter Rossen for further information about our expertise within motion programming.




PLC: Schneider LMC 078
Drives: 4x Lexium 32
Engineer: 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。

Peter Rossen

Introducing EPLAN Pro Panel

A few years ago, we used E-plan 5 for documenting our electrical panels. At that time, E-plan was a DOS based drawing program.

The following update integrated macros, this was called P8, a new and improved windows based program.


Today, we are introducing EPLAN Pro Panel, an engineering software for designing and constructing electrical control panels, switchboards and flexible power distribution systems in 3D.

The virtual panel designs include detailed wire descriptions that enable us to subcontract the production of wire harnesses. We receive the wire kits back with correct color coding, ferrules and tags in both ends of the wire. The virtual drawing, shows the wire installation from component to component. This brilliant program recognizes the “depth”, because of the 3D effect.

All this saves a large amount of time and resources.


The layouts made in EPLAN Pro Panel, are sent directly to our CNC machine (Steinhauer Modcenter), that makes all the cut-outs/holes in the panel, and on the mounting plate.


EPLAN Pro Panel version number: 2.7
Additional modules: Process Wiring & Production NC/DXF

Electrical Engineer SW: Tommy Berg

Milk powder for the asian markets - processed by elkas

In Oviedo, northwestern Spain close to the Atlantic coast, you can find one of the most competitive dairy production plants in Europe. Continuous economic growth in the Capsa Food's Asturiana brand, revealed a need for a new milk powder processing plant with greater capacity. Capsa has large exports to the East Asian markets, where high quality EU produced Lecithin unit Spain - screen in Spanishmilk powder has experienced significant growth in demand.

In line with the recent growth trends it can be noted that lecithin has become a core constituent within the production of high quality milk powder. Lecithin is usually sprayed upon the processed milk powder in the final stages of the production process and gives the product dissolving abilities once it gets liquid contact. German food processing giant GEA has been selected to build the respective lecithin units for Capsa Food's newly developed plant.

Our expertise within the food processing industry made elkas a natural partner to develop electrical process solutions for Capsa Food and GEA. elkas was selected to automate and optimize production and process in lecithin application in the new plant. The process is controlled by a Siemens PLC ET200SP-CPU and has a TP1500 Comfort HMI on top of this configuration. As well, elkas chose to interface Danfoss FC302 drives through profinet and provide a customer interface through profinet I-Device technology.

If you want to know more about our competencies within the food industry please contact project engineer 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。.



PLC: Siemens PLC ET200SP-CPU
HMI: TP1500 Comfort
Drives: Danfoss FC302 interfaced with profinet

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Industrial automation in Pharmaceuticals

Elkas commented on industrial automation in the production of pharmaceutical products in a Børsen post


When it comes to industrial automation, there are only a few other places than the pharmaceutical industry, that has a bigger focus on production safety. This affects the total chain of suppliers such as machinery manufacturers, system integrators and developers. One of these are elkas Automation A/S.


‘’Life science and Pharma are some of the industries, where automation solutions doesn't utilize the newest products and technologies because of the great focus on production robustness and qualified supportsays Lead Electrical Engineer, Morten Jørgensen.


‘’Undesirable stops has major consequences, and the end products at the Pharmaceutical companies are expensive. It has a big impact if a product have been through an almost complete production process only to be discarded. This is why you will typically wait implementing technology, until it has properly matured.’’


According to Morten Jørgensen, newer technologies are being applied  “end of line” where Product packing occur. Here, new and stricter requirements on serialization and traceability, will be enforced from the beginning of 2019.

These demands will require implementation of new technologies within machine-vision, scanning, printing, and industrial IT solutions in general.

In addition there is the GAMP (Good Automation Manufacturing Practices). These practices  must be complied with when developing automated manufacturing plants for pharmaceutical production. GAMP is the international guidelines for quality and safety in the production of pharmaceutical products.  

The way the pharmaceutical companies enforce the procedures in the GAMP life cycle is continually updated.  

It is required to have the necessary knowledge about these demands, to deliver complete solutions for the pharma industry.  




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The PLC that ferments your yoghurt

The PLC that ferments your yoghurt - FH Scandinox BPU unit

FH Scandinox/elkas BPU unit

In the countryside of western Jutland, FH Scandinox is in the midst of building a new prototype fermentation plant. The food processing engineering company consulted elkas in order to build a top notch OEM product, scalable to the respective end users. Food processing and especially fermenting processes can be a delicate matter in the engineering phase, where a lot of parameters come into play and need to be reviewed and addressed.

Siemens PLCs are the main powerhouse in this case, which were programmed by elkas in TIA portal. The characteristics of this prototype plant can be sought in the the great amount of different options this one-size-fits-all product has to offer. The customer FH Scandinox can choose from different modular setups, like extra cooling cycles. It should be noted here that the temperature is regulated with electrical heating and ice water in order to obtain fast and efficient results.

As well, elkas is on charge of electrical diagrams, control panel production, and software management.

Contact project engineer 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。 for further information on our expertise within the food industry.


PLC: Siemens 1200
HMI: TP 700

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Ørsted, Avedøreværket

November 2017: Ørsted, Avedøreværket


JE-elkas was assigned the prestigious project of implementing new Chargers in the existing cabinet housings.

Due to the size of the chargers, it was found more reasonable to reuse the

existing cabinets and change all the internal parts only. This means a little more time on site, but makes it more

convenient in regards to getting the parts in and out of the room.


Chargers: 2 pcs 220 Vdc/1000 A and 2 pcs 24 Vdc/1600 A

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Stig Oest-2

OEM Smart Order

For the smart OEM partnership - Modular system controllers made by elkas


elkas Automation has launched a new, innovative OEM platform for its customers and partners. We want to shorten the process between ordering and implementing process controlls for production.

That is why we developed a solution that directly caters to the modern original equipment manufacturer of the digital age. elkas smart OEM solution is as easy as it is intelligent, shaping production system controllers according to the demand conditions of the client in a modular fashion. Configuring your system controller has never been easier and intuitive.

Get an introduction to elkas Smart OEM platform in the presentation video below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries about our service.



March 2017:  225 KVA UPS FOR OFFSHORE

We are excited to announce that we won the contract for the new DAN FC UPS.The first offer was already given in 2014, where the project was put on hold afterwards. In end of 2016 the project was revived and elkas was found to give the best offer. The project includes UPS-systems, In- and output distribution, batteries and battery breaker. 


Battery type: 2 OPzV 1000

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Stig Oest-2

Online order, configuration and management platform

The OEM Series:

Standard modular systems - keeping track of your project

Communication protocols when designing an electrical system can be tedious and time consuming. That is why we are glad to help you out with our configuration management platform for standard modular systems. Here, you have the opportunity to configure your system design online with real time response from us here at elkas.


Refurbishment of 24 pcs GPU´s in Riyadh/Jeddah

May 2017: Refurbishment of 24 pcs GPU´s in Riyadh/Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


In 2008 a big quantity of GPU´s for the Royal Hangars in Riyadh and Jeddah was delivered.

Now almost 10 years later it was time to change the fans, capacitors and other critical parts.

As the two sites have a total of 7 pcs 90 kVA and 17 pcs 180 kVA GPU´s the comprises delivery of

Appr. 1000 pcs output capacitors, 160 DC-capacitors, 200 fans.

GPU: Refurbishment of 24 pcs GPU's

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Stig Oest-2

elkas Automation gør Teknologisk Institut klar til Big Data

Forfatter: elkas Automation


Teknologisk Institut i stor satsning på nanoproduktion med PLC-styring

Milliardpotentiale i industriel produktion af nanopartikler. Den kompakte og kraftfulde Modicon M251 PLC fra Schneider Electric spiller en central rolle i den superkritiske proces

På Teknologisk Institut i Taastrup ved København er et lille team af ultradedikerede specialister på vej til at positionere Danmark solidt i den nanoteknologiske verdenselite - med god hjælp fra Schneider Electrics nye Modicon M251 PLC.


Realizing IIoT solutions with MS Azure

Two interns from DTU Compute on realizing IIoT solutions

IOT med DTU studerende redigeret skaleret 2

Today our two interns from DTU Compute gave a milestone presentation on their 3 month study about how to realize a cloud data logging, analytics and dashboarding solution applying Siemens PLC’s and the Microsoft Azure platform.


PLC: Siemens S7 1200 PLCGateway: Secomea SiteManager 1149
Cloud service: Microsoft Azure

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JE-elkas og Solar byder på smart supply


Kundelogistik er smart!


 JE elkas Frank

Oplev smart supply hos JE elkas, skriver Erhvervsmagasinet Installatør.

Solar Kundelogistik er en nyetableret funktion, der på tværs af salg og logistik arbejder med forretningsudvikling og dermed understøtter Solars strategiske retning som sourcing- og servicevirksomhed.

Solar Kundelogistik er en værdiskabende sparringspartner for Solars salgsfunktioner og er løbende i dialog med vores kunder omkring forretningsudvikling.


Læs mere på:


 Solar logo  installatør logo


elkas Automation discussing IoT in industry

Morten Jørgensen on IOT in Industrial Automation 


The 25th and 26th of october, our Lead Electrical Engineer in elkas Automation, Morten Jørgensen, participated in an Force Tecnology event, and gave a presentation about IOT Modules in Industrial Automation.

The Force Tecnology event was regarding modules and components and was held in coorperation with RS Components. 




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