Different clients, different requirements. The challenges in processing, safety and operational economics vary from company to company. Even small differences can lead to very diverse priorities within management, technicians, owners and users. Getting that competitive advantage through production optimisation is our core competency.



SCADA and HMI solutions

Management, controll and maintenance of process facilities requires a detailed overview and coordination. elkas develops solutions that meet the different needs for operating the respective installations.

Data acquisition and reporing solutions

elkas develops data acquisition solutions based on popular products and technologies. Especially data acquisition in order to comply with 21 CFR part 11 and later validation in respect to GAMP 4 or 5. Whether soultions with or without certification, the production of customer related report solutions will always be assesed in a pre examination of our customers functional description of the task at hand, and as well the hardware and software requirements.


Developer of PLC, DCS and PC applications

Whether your industry is pharmaceuticals, food and life sciences or any other manufacturing industry; controlling process plants or installations play a central role. elkas Automation delivers fast and accurate adjustments of the process; be it temperature, pressure or other critical parameters in order to comply with hygiene, documetnational or authority requirements.


Developer of MES solutions

When physical production needs to be measured, documented and optimised, it is necessary to perform time measurements, partly to be able to measure on a component level accross production units and production lines, as well as to be able to react before an unforeseen stop of production occurs.

Similarly we undertake registration of availability rates, effectiveness and quality, in order to be able to diagnose the process. elkas provides the data for optimising your production capacity.