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Break the habitual thinking!

In close dialogue with you, we will establish a detailed program, which will describe project design of the electric solutions regarding shape, function, technology, economics as well as environmental aspects. Equally, this will enhance our output quality, benefitting you as our client.



How we create and add value

The value of our project design is a result of our large expertise within electrical engineering on both small and large scale installations and systems.
Our expertise is the gateway to develop and build upon good ideas and practices, as well as potential problems are diagnosed early on, thus they can be fixed before they cost you time and resources.

From idea to action

Goals and success criteria are always defined in close co-operation with you as our client and other possible partners. En route, we will follow up and assess the objective, thus the course of action can be adjusted if needed.


Knowledge and enthusiam

We develop ideal electrical engineering solutions In close partnership with our clients. Elkas embraces commitment and a constructive co-operation.